About us

Behind the Slovenian fashion brand, there is a sister duo Mateja Lukač and Mia Aleksandra Lukač. They released several collections and received many awards. Their work was featured in many magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, Harper Bazaar and many others…

M. FICTION is a designer brand featuring diversified styles of independent, contemporary, playful, rebellious and anti-traditional fashion. Their interests include playing with styles. They express passion for fabrics and shapes with exploration and material combinations and layering them together. They prefer fresh and unexpected combinations to create products where innovation, their own style and eye for detail are the central themes. Each fashion collection is very conceptual with a certain story in mind because their personal belief is that everything and everyone has its own story. They get their inspiration from fashion, human behavior, lifestyle, culture, history…They search for beauty in imperfections.


  • Nike campaign
  • Goodyear
  •  Moët & Chandon
  • Intra lightning d.o.o.
  • Not just a label (NJAL) – Black sheep member
  • Fashion magazines (Vogue Italy, Elle, Bazar Serbia, Elegant, Volition, Kaltblut,  Vulkan,  Onfilm, Vogue Italy, Toksick, Atlas, Fashion Grunge, Pigeons&peacocks, Ladygunn, Sticks and stones agency…)


  • 2015/ Leeds College of Art, United Kingdom
  • 2013/  BA Textile and fashion design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2013/ Faculty of design, an independent higher education institute, Slovenia
  • 2011/ Manufacture of textiles and garments, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


2018 WOW award by Primpy, Ljubljana Fashion Week, Slovenia


Finalists at Belgrade Fashion Week, Serbia (Noizz Fashion Award)


  • award for best BA degree collection (2 awards), LJFW



  • Singer Anastasija Ražnatović wearing M. Fiction on the cover of the magazine Fashion Mood, SRB
  • Singer Nikolija wearing M. Fiction in new official video “Nije lako biti ja”, SRB
  • Special project with Nike campaign for new models, SRB
  • Published in Sticks and stones agency magazine
  • Published in Ladygunn magazine, New York, USA
  • Interview in Bodi zdrava magazine, SLO
  • Published in Harper Bazaar, SRB
  • Published in cover page, Bazar, SRB
  • Black sheep member on NJAL
  • Fashion show (collection City Attitude), SLO
  • Interview in Just magazine, USA
  • Interview in LVL3, CHICAGO
  • Interview in L&Z, SLO
  • Interview in Story, SLO
  • Project with Moet and Chandon, FRANCE
  • Singer Senidah wearing M. Fiction in official video “4strane sveta-Južni vetar”
  • Published in PhotoVogue, ITALY
  • Published in Fashion Grunge magazine, New York, USA


  • Fashion show (collection Untitled ), SLO
  • Finalists at Belgrade Fashion Week, SERBIA
  • Selected by Vogue Talents, ITALY
  • Collaboration with Mud Studio Milano, ITALY
  • Green Fest Fashion show- Project “Tire-dress”, SERBIA
  • Published in Toksick magazine, USA
  • Interview in Elle, SLO
  • Fashion show in the national gallery, SLO
  • Published in Pigeons and peacocks magazine, UK
  • Published in Atlas magazine, UK
  • Fashion show(collection Saturated), SLO
  • Published in Onfilm magazine, RUSSIA
  • Published in Photovogue, ITALY
  • Part Of The NJAL Designer Directory
  • Published in Vulkan magazine, CANADA


  • Published in Kaltblut magazine, GERMANY
  • LJFW; fashion show, SLO
  • Published in Volition magazine, USA
  • Published in Elegant magazine (international)
  • Showroom at House of Design Management and Innovation; graduation collection (Ljubljana, SLO)
  • Exhibition in Intra Lightning pavilion; Scultpuralism and Wear me if you can (Frankfurt, GERMANY)
  • Exhibition Goodyear (Ljubljana, SLO)
  • Exhibition in Faculty of Textile Tehnology; shoes Wear me if you can (Zagreb, CROATIA)
  • Exhibition in Maxi; collection Sculpturalism (Ljubljana, SLO)
  • Exhibition for fashion illustration in museum Laško (Laško, SLO)


  • Fashion show and showroom at Etnographic museum;collection Sculpturalism (Ljubljana, SLO)
  • Competition Conscience Awards-First 10 finalists; shoes Wear me if you can (UK)
  • Exhibition Shumania at Regional museum Maribor (Maribor, SLO)
  • Fashion week Ljubljana; collection Paradox-future is now (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Assistance at fashion week Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Showroom in Maxi;collection Paradox-future is now (Ljubljana, SLO)


  • Exhibition in Kult 3000; collection Pieces are particle (Ljubljana, SLO)
  • Competition Regional Fashion fair ZONA 45;collection Pieces are particle (Zagreb, CROATIA)
  • Fashion week Slovenia; creation Wannabe ballerina (Ljubljana, SLO)
  • Published in Elle magazine; (SLO)
  • Exhibition in House of heritage (Cerknica, SLO)
  • Exhibition of photos for Cultural heritage in Etnographic museum (Ljubljana, SLO)
  • Exhibition Emona, contemporary Roman (Ljubljana, SLO)
  • Creation Emona published in Finance newspaper (SLO)
  • Exhibition Betonski strešniki; collaboration with Bramac (Ljubljana, SLO)